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Increasing reach to more People

In the areas where we intervene, oral diseases are numerous. This is due to lack of prevention and poor diet. For this reason, the Con Corazón team, together with the collaboration of Ivoclar, has developed a great idea, a mobile dental clinic that allows us to bring a dental office, dentists and dental assistants to less privileged schools and communities.

Our Portable Dental Unit is already in operation and has been donated by Ivoclar. We have been able to treat many patients, some of them have gone to the dentist for the first time and it made them very nervous at first, then they adapted quickly and now many children want to have dental treatments.
For this project to be a success we had planned a structure that can address the main oral health problems such as:

  1. Oral Health Prevention and Promotion including nutrition talks
  2. Preventive treatments, including sealants and fluoridation.
  3. Curative treatments, including dental fillings and extractions.

We do this in coordination with school leaders who host our dental office which we implemented in an unused classroom. We also ask their parents for permission to intervene in the children's mouth, as a result a dental form is filled out with their signature of agreement. Our goal is to eliminate all oral diseases they have and be more sustainable by teaching them everything about oral hygiene.

female dentist explains oral health in a prevention campaign

Oral Health Prevention

The activity is accompanied by Oral Health Promotion and Prevention Campaigns. We do it twice a month repetitively. We also include nutrition talks, teaching children an adequate balanced diet in their daily lives. Brushing their teeth is an important activity that we develop and we do it by donating toothbrushes to all children.

two dentist control the teeth of two boys

Oral Examinations

When we intervene in a school, in the first phase we do a dental examination on all the children. This is also used to establish a baseline. Subsequently, with dental charts, patients are treated with all Ivoclar products. The entire Con Corazón Dental team works together on a previously planned dental campaign within the school.

female dentist does an oral examination of a girl

Preventive and Curative Treatments

The average number of dental caries that we found in the school we intervened in is 13. Some teeth are already rotten and we had to remove them. We begin with dental cleanings, sealants, fillings, fluoridations and extractions respectively. It is a challenging job but thanks to the patience of our dentists we can achieve our goal.

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